The Boat House
15 Battery Place
Contact: 01700-502696
Web: The Boat House
Glenburn Hotel
Mount Stuart Road
Contact: 01700 502500
Email: Mone Available
Web: Glenburn Hotel
Jacquelines Property Services
Academy Road
Contact: 01700 503906
Web: Jacquelines Property Services
Ardencraig House Apartments
High Craigmore
Contact: 01700-505077
Web: Ardencraig House Apartments
Palmyra Guest House
12 Ardbeg Road
Contact: 01700-502929
Web: Chandlers Hotel
Chandlers Hotel
Ascog Bay
Contact: 01700-505577
Web: Chandlers Hotel
Craigewan Guest House
55 Victoria Street
Contact: 01700-504029
Email: None Available
Web: Craigewan Guest House
The Victoria Hotel
55 Victoria Street
Contact: 01700-500016
Web: The Victoria Hotel
Balmory Hall
Contact: 01700-500669
Web: Balmory Hall
The Moorings
7 Mount Stuart Road
Contact: 01700-502277
Web: The Moorings
Glendale Guest House
20 Battery Place
Contact: 01700-502178
Web: Glendale Guest House
Commodore Guest House
12 Battery Place
Contact: 01700-502178
Web: Commodore Guest House
Bute BackPackers
36 Argyle Street
Contact: 01700-501876
Web: Bute BackPackers
The Bayview
24/22 Mount Stuart Road
Contact: 01700-505411
Web: The Bayview
Camping is provided at Pony park/Medows, 10 minute walk from festival shop.

The cost is for camping the festival weekend is £10 per person be it one night or three

Site warden on duty up till late.............campers must purchace wristband for camp site acsess from festival shop on collecting their tickets

Shinty Clubhouse open 1pm Friday as a drop in area
Full 24 hour lit toilet facilities

Breakfast also available Sat/Sun 8-11Cerial /Juice/bacon egg sausage/rolls, toast etc.....cost is
not inclusive of camp price

Showers open Sat & Sun and Mon during breakfast hours
Ascog Hall Gardens & Victorian Fernery
Contact: 01700 504555
Web: Ascog Hall Gardens
Wemyss Bay Holiday Park
12, Argyle Place, Rothesay
Contact: 0844-3353450
Email: Enquiry Form
Web: Wemyss Bay Holiday Park
Sunnyside House
12, Argyle Place, Rothesay
Contact: 01700-502351
Web: None Available
St Blane’s Hotel
Kilchattan Bay
Contact: 01700-831224
Web: St Blane’s Hotel
The Port Royal
37 Marine Place
Contact: 01700-505073
Web: The Port Royal
Ardbeg Lodge Hotel & Restaurant
23 Marine Place
Contact: 01700-505448
Email: None Available
Web: Ardbeg Lodge Hotel & Restaurant
The Kingarth Hotel
Contact: 01700-831662
Web: The Kingarth Hotel
The Esplanade Hotel
4 High Street
Contact: 01700-502001
Email: None Available
Web: The Esplanade Hotel
Munro’s Bed & Breakfast
17 Ardmory Road
Contact: 01700-502346
Email: None Available
Web: Munro’s Bed & Breakfast
Battery Lodge
25 Battery Place
Contact: 01700-502169
Email: None Available
Web: Battery Lodge
Lyndhurst Guest House
29 Battery Place
Contact: 01700-504799
Email: None Available
Web: Lyndhurst Guest House
Ivybank Villa
Westlands Road
Contact: 01700-505064
Web: Iveybank Villa
Argyle House
3 Argyle Street Place
Contact: 01700-502424
Web: Argyle House
The Ardyne
38 Mountstuart Road
Contact: 01700-502052
Web: The Ardyne Hotel
Cannon House Hotel
Battery Place
Contact: 01700-502819
Web: Cannon House Hotel
Mention: The Big F When Booking & 10% Of Takings Will Be Donated To The Festival
There are many Guest Houses in Bute, all with very beautiful surroundings to meet all your needs.

16 - 17 - 18  September 2011